Law on Civil Appeals ( 1st )

Author Name: Y.P. Bhagat

ISBN: 9789350355824

Language: English

Publication Year: 2015

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The present book entitled ``Law on Civil Appeals`` may significantly serve the purpose. Every page of this book is crammed full of useful laws and tips which may benefit not only the lawyers but the judges as well. The first and most important benefit of this work is its capacity to promote consistency and predictability in judicial decision-making. These attributes are the very hallmarks of the rule of law and they are no less important in the realm of procedural law than in the realm of substantive law. Judges should aim to apply principles of civil procedures with reasonable consistency and the task is made much easier if legal practitioners have a fuller understanding of the background of each rule and its application. This book has the merit of being specifically tailored to the unique features of the law and courts. ??


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