Uncommon Law - Being 66 Misleading Cases and more Uncommon Law - Being More Misleading Cases combining BARDOT M.P.? And CODDS LAST CASE, (Set of 2 Parts)

Author Name: A.P. Herbert

ISBN: 9788175341173

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2009

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Binding: Paperback

UNCOMMON LAW Albert Haddock, the hero of countless lawsuits in A.P. Herbert`s misleading cases, made his first public appearance in Punch about 1924. `I have always understood that I invented him,` the author writes in his introduction, `but he has made some disturbing escapes into real life.` Case number 32 in which Mr. Haddock makes out a cheque on a cow and leads it to the office of the Collector of Taxes is one such escape: as a result of the first BBC television series of Misleading Cases it was reported in an American newspaper as a serious news item. `A check can be written on a cow` ran the headline. This collection of Misleading Cases contains many more sly jests at the absurdities of English law and will teach the reader more about the legal processes than lawyers know themselves. MORE UNCOMMON LAW That delightful hero of many lawsuits, albert Hadock, appears again in many of the stories in this further volume of classic humour by A.P. Herbert, being a companion volume to Uncommon Law. Whether he's writing about the possibility of Brigitte Bardot being eligible for election as a Member of Parliament, or how much you can kill a burglar or whether a cheque can be written on a egg, Herbert's incisive look at the absurdities of the English law, coupled with his gentle observations on human frailties, make More Uncommon Law unusual and highly entertaining reading.


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