The Preamble

Author Name: Deepa Kansra

ISBN: 9789350353738

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2013

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Binding: Paperback

The ever rising complexities faced by the populace in India have over the years created misgivings about the politicolegal system that has been in place. The lack of stability in interpretation, and the lack of vision in politics, has made people look askance about the limitations and dimensions of their constitutional existence. It is no longer sufficient and viable to look into the formal source of constitutional values, but rather the dilemmas and contestations of their meaning and relevance to the community. This book makes an attempt at portraying the cultural, political and global realities of a constitutional polity like India.The contributors reflect upon the progress and dynamics of foundational values embodied in the Preamble; sovereignty, socialism, secularism, fraternity, justice, and so on. The aim is to highlight the day to day relevance of the broader principles in the Preamble, the ideological inspiration that they generate, and their commonly attached meanings.


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