The Constitution of India- Miracle, Surrender, Hope

Author Name: Rajeev Dhavan

ISBN: 9788131250662

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2017

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Binding: Hardback

Although the Constitutions of India's neighbours have collapsed many times over, the Indian Constitution has survived, though not without controversy and a sense of despair. The making of the Constitution was a miracle, replete with ambiguities and compromises (Chapter I). The Constitution surrendered people's power to politicians and judges (Chapter II). The text of the Constitution was interpreted and went through many changes (Chapter III & IV). However, the Constitution was always intended to be a bourgeois Constitution. It failed in its promises owed to the poor, disadvantaged and disempowered, who must now capture the Constitution to redeem its promises to all Indians. This is the challenge for the future.


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