Worlds Funniest Laws

Author Name: James Alexander

ISBN: 9788175348677

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2011

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Binding: Paperback

The World`s Funniest Laws is a collection of the Silliest statutes around, particularly in the USA. With hilarious cartoons illustrating some of the weirdest laws ever passed, this book also contains real-life courtroom blunders and great jokes and quotes about lawyers. LAW: In Atlanta it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or a street lamp. QUOTE: Make crime pay. Become a lawyer. (Will Rogers) SPANISH PROVERB: It is better to be a mouse in a cat`s mouth than a man in a lawyer`s hands. Read this book and you will never look at lawyers or the law in the same way again!


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