Supreme Court on Arbitration and Contracts - An Exhaustive Topical Referencer of Supreme Court Judgments on Arbitration and Contracts

Author Name: RS Jindal/Aruneshwar Gupta/C S P Sastri

ISBN: 9788131254042

Edition: 2nd

Language: English

Publication Year: 2017

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Binding: Hardback

The Law of Arbitration and the Law of Contract are absolutely interconnected. Arbitration, as a dispute resolution mechanism, is generally adopted in cases where there exists a contract between the parties to that effect. This book titled Supreme Court on Arbitration and Contracts is a exclusive compilation of the latest case-law that has flown from the Apex Court of the country on the subject of ‘Arbitration’ and ‘Contracts’ respectively. In this second edition, apart from including the latest case-law, since publication of the last edition, two significant legislative amendments viz The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act 2015 and The Commercial Courts Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of the High Courts Act 2016 have been included to give the latest position of law. The book shall be of great help to the law students, law faculties, law libraries, law practitioners, judges, magistrates, et al.


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