Story of a Chief Justice

Author Name: Justice U.L. Bhat

ISBN: 9789350353653

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2015

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Binding: Hardback

``Bhat is bold, Brilliant and original. He is known for his integrity. His views on public issues and institution are not conditioned by pressures from above or cravings from below. He is independent of expediencies, opportunities and authoritarianisms ...Bhat, a good, senior and great judge acted unafraid of authoritarian whims and wayward destinies.`` ``Justice Bhat has produced a classic work on the judiciary under guise of his autobiography ... This book by him is a precious treasure and is a grant edition to the libraries of India ... This book is Luminous and wonder.`` Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer in his FOREWORD to his book ``Justice U.L. Bhat is an outstanding judge. Even his critics would admit that fact, Nonelevation of judges like him to Supreme Court resulted in a great loss to the Supreme Court itself.`` Justice K.T. Thomas in an interview with  ``Life law.``


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