Shrimat Bhagwd Geeta The Song Celestial - A Lawyers Perspective

Author Name: Aruneshwar Gupta

ISBN: 9789351439844

Edition: 3rd

Language: English

Publication Year: 2016

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Binding: Paperback

We exist in a powerfully webbed and networked structure where people have continued to work with integrity, faith and trust. Integrity between thoughts, emotions and actions alone leads to peace and harmony without exploitation and without suppression of will of fellow beings. The basic energy and thought underlying Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta has reached globally with Hindu Diaspora and people of Indian origin moving out, for over last more than 1,000 years. There are several reasons and factors for such phenomenon, some of them termed as good and others not so good. Such reasons form the basics of understanding the forces and energies underlying the human existence on earth. Hindu heritage has remained impregnated and untouched, though the events of last 1,000 years have continued to make inroads into its psyche, awareness and existence and demean, humiliate and degrade it by relentless onslaught from within and without. From within by people who remained ignorant and from outside by people who supported and exploited their ignorant existence. One of the basic ingredients of our belief system is the physical experience of Truth and that is one reason that the fundamentals of philosophy have survived irrespective of the onslaughts. The conscious meta – physical experience and realisation and the bliss that follows is a very personal experience and keeps the being to act purposefully in the world and enjoy the existence with deep inner bliss and ecstasy. Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta is one of the most powerful documents to be read and re-read, to enable understanding of the social structure around and realising the true nature of Self. It helps each individual in the most profound manner to understand the war between forces that are blindfolded by lust, greed and desire to control and continue to exploit others and feel more authorised, empowered and sanctioned to continue in their venture on one hand and on the other consisting of those that have the necessary wisdom, knowledge, experience and understanding and wish to continue to exist helping each other and feel pained by the miseries of the exploited and the exploiters and keep evading the war until it becomes inevitable. Such war brings several other kinds of misery, unhappiness and disasters to one and all, but that at times becomes choice-less. Time comes when evil has to be eradicated to reaffirm and re-establish the cosmic laws and the laws of nature. The advent of the new age, demands re-enforcement of the same said principles and the underlying energies in a language which is fully appreciated, understood and realised by the existing generation. Some of the words in Sanskrit/Devnagri lipi for which there are no corresponding words in English have been used in italics as they should be actually read. Departures from some pronunciation standards (established by some group of people) have been made. An incorrect pronunciation of the word produces a different thought and leads to complete misunderstanding of the word content. Every word has a different meaning, numerology, vibration and colour which is totally lost if it is not pronounced and felt correctly.


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