Miscellany-at-Law and A Second Miscellany-at-Law In 2 Parts  

Author Name: R.E. Megarry

ISBN: 9788175344075

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2004

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Binding: Paperback

A vastly entertaining book, which will give the greatest pleasure to lawyers everywhere...It is not only entertaining and fascinating reading, it is also a work of considerable research and learning too...It is filled with wit and humor, and it deserves a place in the library of every, lawyer who cares for the law and the great good fellowship that goes with it. Sir Norman Birkett in The Law Quarterly Review. A second MiscellanyatLaw will need no introduction to the large number of lawyers and others who have long enjoyed MiscellanyatLaw, first  publised in 1955. this, the second Miscellany, is uniform with the first Miscellany. It is in no way a mere new edition of the first Miscellany. but is an entirely new book. For those who do not know the first Miscellany, some extracts from book reviews of it will give some idea of its nature: 'A most entertaining anthology. Here are recalled many of the livelier witticisms of the Bench the apt comment on counsel's arguments, on some peculiarly unintelligible legislation or on the world in general, and the sustained charm and literary excellence of judgmet or opinion. It is full of good stories.' The Law Society's Gazette.


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