Lawtalk - The Unknown Stories Behind Familiary Legal Expressions

Author Name: Clapp & Galanter

ISBN: 9789350352571

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2013

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Binding: Paperback

Not just for lawyers, these illuminating histories of popular lawrelated expressions will delight anyone fascinated by words, by history, or by law and law enforcement Lawrelated words and phrases abound in our everyday language, often without our being aware of their origins or their particular legal significance: boilerplate, jailbait, pound of flesh, rainmaker, the third degree. This insightful and entertaining book reveals the unknown stories behind familiar legal expressions that come form sources as diverse as Shakespeare, vaudeville, and Dr. Seuss. Separate entries for each expression follow no prescribed formula but instead focus on the most interesting, enlightening, and surprising aspects of the words and their evolution. Popular myths and misunderstandings are explored and exploded, and the entries are augmented with historical images and humorous sidebars. Lively and unexpected, Lawtalk is a unique blend of linguistic, legal, historical, and cultural information and insight. The reader is forewarned: upon finishing one entry, there is an irresistible temptation to turn to another, and yet another....


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