Law as Culture

Author Name: Laster Kathy

ISBN: 9788175347557

Edition: 2nd

Language: English

Publication Year: 2009

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Binding: Paperback

Law as Culture is a beguilingly accessible. lively and engaging introduction to the law and to legel skills, complete with innovative exercise and even some cartoons. It gives students a framework for their subsequent legal study and professional life. It demystifies the language and culture of the law whilst building legal skills. The book encourages independent critical thought. It highlights the ways in which law reflects social values and priorities, the place of law as one among many systems of social organisation and problem-solving, and the rise of lawyers as a subculture. The jurisdictional reach of this new edition has been extended to look at cases and legislation from all Australian States. In addition, the text has been extensively revised to take account of recent developments such as the results of the 1999 Referendum on the Republic, the current debates about a Bill of Rights for Australia and the changing professional role of lawyers. Black/White relations has been introduced as a recurring theme - materials on aboriginal Reconciliation, the Wik judgment and the legal and political debate over the Stolen Generations give continuity and perspective. Law as Culture includes clear and accessible accounts of key jurisprudential issues and an extended introduction that sets out its pedagogical assumptions. There are cases and legislation from all Australian States, thorough referencing, and an annotated list of Further Reading in each chapter.


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