Law & Burning Problems

Author Name: V.K.S. Chaudhary

ISBN: 9789350353318

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2013

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Binding: Hardback

The Twenty First century saw the country faced with several legal problems. Some of them have been created by incorrect interpretation of the Constitution.The question of `Reservation` on the basis of cast or creed is one of them, which has been simmering for long. Another is government subsidy or grants to religious functions like the Haj Subsidy. Another gamut of problems arise out of the government policy regarding education and so called minority institutions out of the control of the government under false notion of `secularism`. The Kashmir problem has defied all solutions till today and is a festering wound in body politic. We do not still have an integrated nationality. The dream of the Constituent Assembly and the Constitution has still to be realized. How could it happen? The articles contained herein examine the vexed questions in the background of the law. Incidentally they have suggested legal solutions to the current burning problems.


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