International Commercial Arbitration

Author Name: Ashwinie Kumar Bansal

ISBN: 9789350351291

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2012

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Binding: Hardback

The World Book on Enforcement of Arbitral Awards is a book on International Commercial Arbitration and deals with the application and interpretation of the International Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards, 1958 (New York Convention). The focus of this publication is on practice, procedure and application of the New York Convention under State specific laws. This is the first project of its kind covering the practical application of the New York Convention in so many States in this manner. It is a collective work of about 80 experts, lawyers and judges from various parts of the world covering about 90 Countries. Few features of the book are Unique collection of International Commercial Arbitration laws, procedures and practices in various countries. Amalgamation of arbitration expertise of coauthors from different parts of the Globe. Comparison of International Commercial Arbitration laws in a particular Country with the New York Convention and also the UNCITRAL Model Law. Concise commentary on law and procedure relating to International Commercial Arbitration. Quick overview of procedure for enforcement of foreign awards in each Country. It is intended for those who wish to have information regarding working of law of International Commercial Arbitration in a concise book. It is useful for: Advocates, judges, arbitrators, experts, practitioners, attorneys, etc. Parties involved in transactional & commercial contracts. All professionals involved in international trade and dispute resolution. Contents of the book include: Overview of International Commercial Arbitration. Justice System, Court Hierarchy, Arbitration and other modes. Ratification of the New York Convention and enactment of corresponding law, Arbitration Law applicable to domestic and international commercial arbitration and salient features. Comparison of UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law with national law (similarities, deviations and differences.) Recognition and enforcement of foreign awards and agreements Law and Procedure. Jurisdiction of courts (for enforcement of award and agreement.) Key issues Arbitration Services (Availability of Arbitration Institutions, Arbitrators, Experts, Advocates, Secretarial Facilities, etc.) Recent Developments: Overview of Recent Land mark judgments by Courts. Tips, Common Pitfalls, Errors and Mistakes. Frequently Asked Questions.


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