Hindu Law of Marriage and Divorce

Author Name: Sukhdev Singh

ISBN: 9789350351734

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2012

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Binding: Paperback

Uncodified Hindu Law considered the marriage as sacrament. The book examines the sacramental character of Hindu Marriage and it`s sacramental character after the enactment of the Hindu Marriage Act. It also explores the other components of marriage. To have a glimpse of these components, the book has been divided into three parts: (i) Marriage; (ii) Divorce and (iii) Jurisdiction and Procedure. In Part I (Marriage), the Concept of Marriage, Restitution of Conjugal Rights and Nullity of Marriage have been analysised. In Part II (Divorce), Bar to Presentation of Petition before one year of Marriage, Judicial Separation, Divorce on the Ground of Cruelty and Desertion, Divorce by Mutual Consent, Review of Mutual Divorce Decree and Recognition of Foreign Divorces have been analysised. In Part III (Jurisdiction and Procedure), Jurisdiction, Alimonypendente lite, Permanent Alimony, Custody of Children, Disposal of Property, Stay of Proceedings in Matrimonial cases, and other Miscellaneous issues have been examined.


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