Handbook on Hindu Succession [Property Rights of Women and Daughters)

Author Name: P.K. Das

ISBN: 9789350352618

Edition: 4th

Language: English

Publication Year: 2013

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Binding: Paperback

The Hindu Succession Act was amended with an object of bringing the wave of equality among male and females belonging to Hindu religion in relation to partition and share of properties of joint family. Here the female Hindu includes both daughters and women. This empowerment to Hindu women and daughters is in line with Social activism, NGO agitations, National and International Judicial precedents, National and International Conventions, Covenants, Protocols, Declaration and Agreements. The Indian Judiciary has been conscientifically sensitized after such provision in halfcentury old Hindu Succession Act and is interpreting the issues of properties accordingly. Since such a provision of property rights of Hindu women and daughters in the Hindu Succession Act were incorporated, many judgments are witnessed in lower and higher Judiciary and India is experiencing extensively its social development and social transfer in respect of a stepforward from gender discrimination to gender equality in respect of property rights. Moreover, like three editions of this book this Fourth Edition is a needful guide for Lawyers, Judges, NGOs, Social activists, Hindu women and daughters and general people in the matter of properties of Hindu joint families in India.


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