Key to Civil Court Practice and Procedures

Author Name: Narender Kumar

ISBN: 9789350358191

Edition: 3rd

Language: English

Publication Year: 2016

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Binding: Paperback

The Key to Civil Court Practice & Procedure is written in a simple and understandable language with an approach to bring procedural laws and rules of litigation in an elementary language relevant to a litigant. In order to render a comprehensive and a dynamic perspective of the subject, the author has incorporated basic procedural aspects of Civil Court practice and procedure with their probable remedies. The effort to pen down procedural laws in a simplistic language is the sole motive of the author. The present work is designed topic-wise, listing all possible matter related to civil litigation in a consolidated manner. The author has preferred an approach to cover rules and procedural laws with the incorporation of case-law related to the same. This can be taken as a distinctive feature of the book. This book is an asset to every layman who cannot comprehend the legal provisions drafted in an entangled language.


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