Adventures in Law and Justice

Author Name: Horrigan

ISBN: 9788175344297

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2008

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Binding: Paperback

In this wide ranging exploration of both news worthy and timeless dilemmas in law and justice, Professor Bryan Horrigan traces the connections between law, society, and our everyday lives. Vividly illustrated with Australian and international examples, this travel book for the mind unlocks the mysteries of law and justice and makes them accessible to everyone. It dispels many misconceptions surrounding our legal and constitutional systems, and delves into major law and justice questions that affect us all. Written for readers interested in public affairs and current events, as well as those grappling with 'big picture' issues in law and government as students, professionals, or concerned citizens, this book serves as an introduction, a critique, and a thought-provoking ride, all in one.


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