Criminal Liability of Corporate Entities with special reference to the law in India

Author Name: Pradip Ghosh

ISBN: 9788131252406

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2017

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Binding: Hardback

Corporate criminal liability has been a subject of great relevance in the contemporary legal world. It is significant to note that in the common law jurisdictions as well as in India, the law of corporate criminal liability has been mainly, Judge made law. In civil law jurisdictions, most of the provisions relating to corporate criminal liability emanate from legislative measures. A significant legislative move in UK in this area is "The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, 2007." In this book an attempt has been made to trace the evolution of, corporate criminal liability mainly in the common law jurisdictions and India. The law in India has been dealt with in details. Some other jurisdictions of the world have been briefly referred to .The polemical controversy over the issue whether a corporate entity can at all incur criminal liability, when it exists only in legal fiction and can neither act, nor intend to commit a crime, has been discussed. This book has been divided chapter-wise and the subject is explained with reference to landmark judgments and the views of scholars. Latest precedents are included to give a clear picture of the Indian law on the subject. The book will be of great help to students, academicians, researchers, and law practitioners to appreciate the law of corporate criminal IiabiIity.


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