Citizens Guide to Criminal Law

Author Name: Monica Sakhrani

ISBN: 9788175348011

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2009

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Binding: Paperback

The Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) is a collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights, struggle against their violations and ensure access to justice for all. A not-for-profit, non-governmental, human rights orgnisation, HRLN recognises rights in the widest sense including civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural rights. Recognising law as an arena of struggle, HRLN views the legal system as a limited but crucial weapon for realising human rights. We believe that large-scale struggles against human rights violations have to be waged by social and political movements and the legal system can play a significant supportive role in these struggles. Starting in 1989 as an ad hoc group of lawyers and social activists, HRLN has since evolved into a human rights organisation with dedicated activist lawyers and social workers in various Indian states. In addition to pro bono legal services and public interest litigation. HRLN engages in out-of-court advocacy, conducts legal workshops and investigations, publishes `know your rights` material and participates in campates in campaigns. In collaboration with social movements and human rights and development organisations, HRLN works with women, prisoners, Dalits, workers, children, farmers, indigenous people, refugees, HIV positive people, the homeless, people with disabilities, religious minorities and sexuality minorities, among others.


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