Copyright Law - Desk Book, Knowledge, Access and Development

Author Name: Akhil Prasad & Aditi Agarwala

ISBN: 9788175347555

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Publication Year: 2009

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Binding: Paperback

The law on intellectual property is in its infancy. Intellectual Property law is both technologically and commercially sensitive. Since intellectual creations have big money riding on them, the statutory guarantee becomes necessary to protect industries. At the same time, the law must ensure that intellectual creations enrich the public domain of knowledge. This literary piece revisits the institutionalization of the global intellectual property regime and describes its various species - patents, copyright, trademarks and trade secret. Explaining the undertones of these concepts, it dispels the rumours and myths commonly associated with the generic term - ``intellectual property``. the work graduates to examine Copyright law and presents this branch from a multi-dimensional perspective. Law Books are generally classified as either Academic or Commentary and as theoretical or offering a practitioner's perspective. The Desk Book is a hybrid. It offers commentaries on the Indian Copyright Act and expounds the role and function of the law on the touchstone of Knowledge, Access & Development. This Book attempts to showcase both the law as it exists in text and how it operates in the practical context. Case studies on the practical operation of the copyright law succinctly highlight the challenges and threats to copyright and how the law should respond to assert its impact. The writings have been authored from a ``Universal`` perspective and is a must for your shelf whether you belong to the Bar or the Bench or just a bystander wanting to open the doors to this beautiful world of intellectual creations and laws that protect them.


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