Constitutional Law and History of Government of India

Author Name: Prof. C.L. Anand

ISBN: 9788175346765

Edition: 8th

Language: English

Publication Year: 2008

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Binding: Hardback

The revised, updated and enlarged eighth edition aims to present the sequence of historical development chronologically and concisely from the grant of the first charter to the East India Company by the Crown in the Year 1600 to the Government of India Act, 1935 with a critical appreciation and commentary thereon. Since our present Constitution which came into force from 26th January, 1950 is a result of the gradual historical and constitutional evolution and development extending over more than three and a half centuries and has besides other sources of inspiration adopted large portions of the 1935 Act, a knowledge of the rationale, background and foundation of these developments is indispensable for a clear appreciation and comprehension of the principles and features of the Constitutional Law on which our Constitution is based. This book also contains the text of Constitution of India duly updated as it stands now.


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