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Dr. Rajesh Gupta & Prof. Gunjan Gupta

Dr. Rajesh Gupta earned all his degrees, right from graduation to doctorate, from the University of Delhi and has been practicing in Delhi High Court for the last more than two decades. During the course of his practice Dr. Gupta has dealt with many matters containing contentious issues including landmark Public Interest Litigations. As an academician, scholar and researcher, Dr. Gupta is having to his credit at least half dozen books authored by him and might be half a dozen books revised by him, besides voluminous editorial work, all released and forwarded by legal luminaries including Supreme Court Judges. Not only this, Dr. Rajesh Gupta has contributed at least 100 articles published in various reputed law journals of India. Prof. Gunjan Gupta is a product of Delhi University and she is teaching in the same Faculty of Law of Delhi University for the last about 17 years without break since after completing her academic qualifications. Prof. Gupta did her doctorate on the law relating to dishonour of cheques. Prof. Gupta also is a noted author having to her credit numerous law books and articles published in various law journals. Besides other subjects, she has been delivering lectures on Negotiable Instruments and Law of Evidence which contains substantive topics, such as, 'Law of Notices' and 'Law of Evidence with special contrast to Proof of Electronic Records' in the courts of law.

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Law of Dishonour of Cheques -
Dr. Rajesh Gupta & Prof. Gunjan Gupta
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