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Unspeakable Anecdotes - My Life, Judiciary and More.... 2012 Edn. (Reprint)
by Krishna Iyer Justice V.R.
ISBN : 978-93-5035-194-9
List Price : Rs.  265.00
Published Year: 2015
Pages : 124
Binding : Hardbound

  • Unspeakable Anecdotes Enchants Me
  • Judiciary - A Transformation Imperatively Needed
  • Judicial Indiscipline in the Supreme Court
  • The Rule of Law and Human Rights in India
  • Law Reform Vis-a-vis Administrative, Legislative and Judicative Processes
  • Constitutional Socialism, Right to Life and Food Security Bill
  • A Public Critique on the Judiciary, Progressive Reforms and Accountability Bill
  • Binayak Sen and Judicial Sentence and Clemency Jurisprudence
  • Glimpses of My Vision of 2012
  • We, The People of India and Pakistan and J&K Swear to Remain in Patriotic Comity and Secular Solidarity and Fraternity as a Confederation in Peaceful Co-existence
  • Parliament - The Nation`s Voice - A Gandhian Moral Transmutation
  • From Sita to Soumya - Why this Discrimination?
  • Indo-Russian Axis
  • Cricket Greets Politics
  • Another Ghastly Glimpse of Our Swilling Syndrome
  • My Vision of Vivekananda
  • The Mahatma Gandhi Violence and Robbery Universal Corrodes National Economy
  • A Public Statement for Prohibition
  • The Seven Splendours - Wonders
  • World Water Day
  • Horrendous Festivities and Stunning Casualties Sabari Slaughter, Sanguinary Sublimity and Carnival Carnage - No Creative Panacea
  • A Fortnight`s Holiday Phenomenon Ayurveda and Glory in Sreedhareeyam
  • Tellicherry Bar
  • A Plea for the Kalyan of the People of Tamil Nadu and Kairali to Solve the Mullaperiyar Dam Hatred and Havoc and Civil War Chaos
  • Mullaperiyar - A Mass Disaster If Precautionary Principle is Jettison - Why A Functional Anarchy?
  • From Ganga to Kaveri to Periyar to Iritty
  • Cochin Corporation is Traffic Terrorism
  • A Few Reminiscences from Vague Recollections
  • Azhikode Sukumar - Fragments from Personal Memory
  • Letter to the Prime Minister
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